Wright FIRST

Wright FIRST (Fiduciary Investment Research Service for Trustees) provides trust officers with tools to effectively manage investments as a fiduciary and to communicate with clients.

The service includes access to the following resources that are delivered through a secure website:

The Approved Wright Investment List (AWIL)
A comprehensive list of nearly 400 large-cap and mid-cap companies that have passed our Firm’s highest investment quality standards. The AWIL record has been maintained since Wright Quality Ratings were first published in 1964 and no constituent has declared bankruptcy while on the List.

Proprietary Wright Quality Rating®
 An alphanumeric code based on factors used to measure the current and long-term investment acceptance (liquidity), the financial strength, profitability and stability, and growth of the company. There are at least eight quality screens for each of the four factors, including: liquidity, financial strength, profitability and stability, and growth.

Attractiveness Rating
 Wright applies a multi-factor ranking model to a series of quality, value and timing factors to calculate a measure of the investment attractiveness of each security.

Company Reports
Comprehensive reports on 46,000+ corporations. Each report includes a concise summary report and a comprehensive detailed report (with 33sub-categories) covering a financial statement analysis and a history of up to 10 years of earnings, dividends and pricing information.

Asset Allocation
Asset allocation guidelines featuring models that range from Conservative (Income) to Aggressive (Aggressive Growth). The models are structured from a wide range of asset classes.

Economic and Investment Market Commentaries
Continuous reviews and updates of the economy and investment environment, as well as a weekly market snapshot, special reports, and webinars.

Economic Charts
Detailed coverage on the domestic and international economies. Exhibits from the economic charts can be utilized for client presentations.